Think out of the bin

Institutions with almost 30 000 students and staff produce huge amount of waste which is also one of the greatest environmental problems that the Palacky University has to face.

Because of this problem, we started the campaign Think Out of the Bin at the beginning of the winter term in 2016. The first main aim of this campaign is to focus on a complex issue of waste production and spread the information about its environmental, economic and social consequences. The second main aim is to design and then implement an efficient systemic solution which will reduce amount of waste and increase the participation on its recycling.

In terms of edification, we have organised projections of several documentaries, a flash-mob, field trips to a waste sorting line, clothes swaps (exchange of clothes) or zero-waste workshops so far.

To deal with the systemic changes, we’ve opened the Freeshop, Free-Food UPOL and now we are also testing a pilot project with recycling bags at the Bedřich Václavek student dormitory. According to our research, this dormitory should increase the amount of recycled waste. If we confirm our thesis, we would like to implement the recycling bags to remaining dormitories.

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