Surely, you had already felt such drought in your mouth that even the Sahara desert could envy, you took your water bottle out from your bag, but not even a drop of water was in there. Now, what to do? You spotted some businesses in the neighbourhood, you asked them to fill your bottle, but their response was: ‘We cannot do that.’ In a moment like this, there is only one last option left. You have to go and buy a new bottle of water. But with every single plastic bottle, the production of waste is increasing. We’ve decided to do something about it. And that’s how the Refill project have begun.

About the project

The Refill project arose from the competition ‘University for town’ and its aim is to search for and label places in Olomouc where your water bottles can be refilled again. You can find such places on the map or directly in the city. Just look for a label with drops on the door.

Tap water is better because it is:

  • Healthier
  • Cheaper
  • Without a waste



If you are an owner of a bottle, cup, glass or anything else that can be refilled with water, you can take part in the project just by refilling it! When you’ll do so, you will prove that the Refill project does matter and it has a potential for inspiring a change.

For companies / bars / restaurants

If you are interested in the Refill project and you have a company that can participate, feel free to contact us at: Not only will you be rewarded by good feeling of a job well done, but we will also tag your company on our Web Map and give you a label to stick on your doors. Then your only task is to refill a bottle of every single person who will come and ask.


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