Freeshop was founded in May 2017 with the intention of preventing excessive and unnecessary wastage of unwanted things from students’ dormitories. Students mostly tend to dispose of such things towards the end of semester/term when they leave their dormitories. Things that were found in the bins were still functional and could be reused again. Paradoxically, at the beginning of the next academic year, new students buy exactly the same stuff that was thrown away in the previous year. Because of that, there was a huge waste of money and natural resources.

Freeshop works on the basis of community sharing and circular economy. What one doesn’t need can help the other. In Freeshop, you can find dishes, pots, clothes or books. Students can take anything for free or if they want they can make any kind of financial contribution. The room is also used for holding sewing, zero waste and other kinds of workshops.

The room was designed by mimokolektiv studio and was financially supported by SmartUp od O2 program and by Accommodation and Dining Office UP (Správa kolejí a menz UP)

Opening hours are available on our facebook even in English!

Address: Koleje J. L. Fischera, Šmeralova 1116/10.  You can find us near the reception.

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