About us

We are a student initiative that is trying to spread the message of social responsibility and of the importance of environmentally friendly behaviour at the Palacký University. We would like to inspire such changes even at other universities. We define sustainability as an intersection of social, environmental and economic aspects of development. For this reason, we have members with different academic specializations.

Since 2016 we have founded student community garden Václavka and Freeshop. We are managing a food-sharing platform FreeFood UPOL and also our new project for free tap water at restaurants and cafés in Czechia – REFILL. Furthemore, we have co-organized film festival Alimenterre and clean-ups in the framework of Let´s Clean Czechia

Apart from our long-term projects we often organize events spreading awarness among university students about sustainability, environmental and global issues, responsible consumption, zero waste, circular economy and ethical issues – screenings of documentaries, workshops, panel discussions or excursions. We also work on systemic changes – nowadays mostly on waste-management of our university and especially in dorms. Most of our activities are organized in the framework of our campaing “Think Out of the Bin”.


We are a student initiative that feels the need of a change. We are trying to have more sustainable and friendlier university environment. We inspire others to adopt more environmentally and socially considerate lifestyle through the execution of various projects. We believe that changes at the local level can inspire global changes!


Our aim is to spread the idea of sustainability at the entire university and to inspire other universities through such action. We would like to keep the balance between working and having fun and ensure long-term continuity of our initiative. We focus on systemic changes and we inspire students and universities to be the initiators of these changes.

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